Crisp. Sharp. Satisfying!

Really and truly, some things that seem insignificant can make me feel so happy. Like a child surprised by a new puppy kind of happy. For so long I put up with dull pencils. Helping the kids with homework was often interrupted by the need to sharpen a pencil. I know, big deal right? Yes. There are worse things. Much, much worse. But in context at that minute moment in time, I take little pleasure in digging through the box full of (at least) 50 odd pencils to find one that is ready to use so I can avoid sharpening with one of those tiny plastic sharpeners that often eats the lead and leaves the tip ragged.
So one day I broke down, did a bit of research and bought a real sharpener. I decided on a mechanical model, a throwback to my old school days. It came in the mail today. How nice!

I got to work right away.

My (minimal) effort was soon rewarded with beautiful, sharp, clean pencils. And I’ve only just begun! I find it so satisfying to slot in the dull end, turn the crank and in little time produce perfectly sharp pencils.

Aaahhh .

I have not been asked to endorse this product. I will not be receiving any compensation from the company. I just really, really like this pencil sharpener and want to share with you. I bought the iPoint Class Act by Westcott. It seems to be popular with teachers and I can see why. Tested by my 7 year old, it is easy to use and can be moved around and adhered with a very strong suction base. If desired it can be permanently secured.
Not to mention the beautiful job it does producing such sharp pencils!
Now my pencils are sharp and ready to use. 50+ pencils in under 15 minutes. So satisfying.